Kısır Recipe with North American Measures

The Kısır

Kısır is a traditional Turkish dish, similar to the Lebanese Tabbouleh, but with much more bulgur and slightly different ingredients. It is a great side dish, great to have in summertime, and excellent for potlucks. Here is how I make kısır in the North Americas. The key ingredients are bulgur … Continue reading

3D Printing and the State Monopoly on Violence

We will remember this photo as the photo that changed the world. This photo shows a man shooting a gun manufactured by 3D printing. Forward ten years, and a lot of people will have access to a gun with no license number, albeit unreliable. How does that change the … Continue reading

Print Prime Numbers, C++ code

This code prints prime numbers up to 100. #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main(void){     int n=2;     int limit=100;     bool flag=0;     while(n<=limit){         flag=1;         for(int i=2;i<n;i++){             if(n%i==0) flag=0;         }         if(flag==1) cout << n << "\n";    … Continue reading