Ceviche: The Pescetarian Dish

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My Ceviche Attempt

I try making ceviche

I found out that ceviche is hard to make.

After coming back from Punta Cana, I tried to make ceviche two times, using a mixture of this recipe and this. I used Halibut, as that is the fresh white fish in Victoria, where I currently live.

The result is only mediocre. It is nowhere near the original ceviche I had in Punta Cana. Every night. Aaaah, Punta Cana. Ceviche.

One problem is to be careful with onion, if you use a raw onion, as the second recipe tells you to. Too much onion really spoils the taste. It is probably much better to use green onions, as the first recipe says.

Ceviche in a Coconut

The original ceviche I had in Punta Cana - pretty much every night

The real problem is that the lime aroma is too strong. First time, I used actual lime, but the pulp got in. I could never clean it completely, so the ceviche was way more sour that it was supposed to be. The second time I used lime juice and was able to drain it completely, but it was still too sour.

I wish I could get back to Punta Cana to eat ceviche. Le sigh.

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