Clear Facts That Few Seem To Notice

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As all who who has known me for a while will admit, I am somewhat eccentric. Well, eccentric is probably a nice way of putting it, the opinion would actually range from "in need of mental help" to "a bit eccentric."

Therefore, if I sound somehow arrogant in this note, please see it in this light. I respect you all. Now when you see something that feels spectacular to you, don't you want to share it with others? That is what I am doing here.

You will find below the some of the answers to questions in life that you may have wondered. I actually found some of those answers, and I want to share them with the world.

The method applied in determining these facts is deduction. It does not rely on personal experience or on subjective insight. I have employed a few basic assumptions for some of the deductions, so long as those assumptions hold, the results also will.

On to the Clear Facts that Few Seem to Notice:

1) There is no intelligent life outside of Earth in the Galaxy.

2) If there is intelligent life in other galaxies, it does not matter. We will not meet.

3) We actually did evolve. Evolution is actually what happened. No other explanation is necessary to explain the existence of life on Earth. Life can (and actually has to) "evolve" from non-living material.

4) Mainstream media as a profession will simply disappear. Not morph, metamorphose, it will actually disappear. There will not be a profession called "journalism" or people called "reporters". Most of us may very well live to see this.

5) Internet, especially widely used sites such as Google and Facebook will take on a spiritual and religious aspect. They will carve away from our spiritual life part of the niche that organized religion occupies today.

6) Organized religion is dead. Anything you may be perceiving that seems to indicate otherwise is a Lazarus reflex. (This sentence is different from the others in the sense that it is actually a personal opinion, since the concepts are not clearly defined. Nevertheless, I think it is an accurate observation and a clear conclusion, so I wanted to include it.)

7) There will be another epidemic. It will spread in such a scale that almost all of us to lose a friend, a relative, or at least a few acquaintances. It may turn into a disaster in the scale of the Black Plague of the Medieval. The only way this might not come to pass is if another disaster of similar proportions come about sooner.

8) No such thing as "time machine". Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

Note that I am writing these as actual facts, not opinions. I will post on how I reached these conclusions.

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